“Spending time in a space of self-reflection is time well spent, it is preparation for self-growth”

                                                                     Tanya Obeng

Effective Communication

“Improves engaagment, decision-making and teamwork”

About Tanya
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The Communication Doctor

After spending time working as a teacher in mainstream education, I felt like I was constantly on a treadmill, running to no destination. When I stopped running, and walked with purpose, I viewed the world differently with my eyes opened. The moment I allowed myself to have a positive purposeful experience, my throat chakra opened and I spoke from my heart instead of my head.

During this period, I worked with teachers on behavioural management and self-development, I felt the tension within schools and recognised the lack of their work life balance. I made it my mission to support teachers to connect with their dreams as well as being in service to the young people. This experience allowed me to take time out an look at the school system and the curriculum. I was inspired to develop alternative workshops with a difference, which lead to setting up: Lifted and Gifted Education.

The first step on my journey, alongside healing myself, was to learn as much as I could about human behaviour and communication. I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness, Body Language, and Personality Types, all of which helped me to form a clearer understanding of how our communication styles and behaviours can lead us to enhance or negatively impact your working environment:

Answer these questions honestly:

  • Do you feel overwhelmed
  • Do you connect with your team
  • Do you create a safe space to communicate
  • Do you need support

My learning informed the creation of two bespoke programmes for CEOs and senior leadership teams in schools, organisations and businesses. Both programmes are designed to dramatically improve workplace communication by exploring the cause and effect of absenteeism, anxiety and burnout. My main focus is to empower leaders to find fresh, positive approaches to their role, thus enhancing efficiency, creativity, and job satisfaction.


Unlock your creativity and communicate

This ten-week, relationship building programme is designed for leadership teams in schools, organisations and businesses. We focus on developing a positive approach to leadership, allowing participants to unlock and enhance their own creativity and that of their teams. Expect a non-judgemental space in which to learn more about yourself, others, and the power of effective and creative communication.

Skills you will gain:

  • Building trust within your team
  • Creating a positive environment where people feel seen and heard
  • Emotional intelligence - being aware of others emotions and connections
  • Recognising your patterns
  • Alternative approaches

Unconscious Bias

This programme focuses on supporting leaders who have taken time to reflect on their work culture, ethos and marketing for a diverse world. As a consultant, Tanya has chosen to address diversity, unconscious bias and emotional intelligence in the workplace. Tanya created this course because of her passion for equality and diversity, born out of her own experiences and the experiences of others within the workplace. The programme explores language, perception, marketing and connection from the perspective of bias. When you address your own biases, you can be empathic and inclusive with a positive approach to leadership.

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Communication Hub a place to thrive and speak your truth?

Introducing the Communication Hub

Communication hub is a space where creatives and conscious leaders come together. A place where leaders can speak their truth and share their challenges. During this pandemic people have been in survival mode, as humans it is important to express not suppress authentic feelings and emotions.

The Communication hub offers leaders a space to express their challenges and get support to shift their energy to a positive consciousness. The hub is open once a week for an hour with professionals therapist and thought leaders. members will receive support from a session every week.

Once a month an event will be held where a guest speaker comes to the space to support self- development and business progression.

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Join us and sign up to the Hub

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Real Stories

Real stories is a podcast for truthful, heart lead conversation. Tanya talks to senior leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs, about their personal stories. Real stories is a place where conversation is lead by the heart rather than the head. A place where subjects like mental health

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